Your Poem From Me Request #4

The Giving Cause: This Is Me . . . Right?

This is me . . . Right?
I know me. I love me.
Everything about me is
different from anyone else.
My curves. My voice. The softer
and jigglier space that is
my middle. My hair. My eyes.
I know me. I love me.

It’s what I keep telling myself.
I have to do this.
I have to remind myself of
the goodness of me.
But I flit–fall into
the echos of my younger self,
lassoed by a time when I
was smaller, more headstrong,
and confident.

I try to push myself
through the present–try to
shift my mind to this
here and now, yet . . .
the past is a mistress.
She keeps calling me, you see.
I am weak for her.
She knows.

I look at NOW me–I
have doubts. I long to
embrace the woman who
smiles back at me in
the mirror–to make peace
with her.
I have to. I should.

If I don’t, what will
happen to me?

This is me . . . Right?
I know me. I love me.
I’ll keep telling myself
who I am . . . who we are . . .
And one day, the mistress
of a PAST me will
grow silent.

Thank you to Kathy Garland for allowing me to gift a poem to you. Writing this spoke to me in many ways.

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