Your Poem From Me Request #3

The Giving Cause: My Power. Your Power.

Photo by Huzaini Husin via ReShot

At my age, I haven’t the energy
to argue over meaningless
occurrences–I spend my time
learning the mores of life–increasing
my depth of wisdom.

I no longer flit between strengths
and weaknesses–I know where
I stand. My power is in
the love I give my children–the
conversations I have with
old friends and new acquaintances.
My power is in every breath I
take on a bone-chilling morning–the
final words I say at night.

You can have some, you know . . .
My power. I’m happy to share it
with you. I can blow it
in your direction, corner it
and jar it for safekeeping, smooth
the wrinkles out of it, and straighten
it to your liking.

Does it fit?
Can you wear it?
Here . . . Try it on.

The world around us dwindles
down to ash–we can remain,
undeterred and immovable.
It’s up to us. Let’s merge our
powers and create a superpower
that will live on beyond
the impending apocalypse.
Let my power become your
power . . . Our power . . .
The world’s power.

Thank you to Mary L. Holden for allowing me to gift a poem to you. I truly enjoyed writing this one.

To learn more about Your Poem From Me: The Giving Cause, click here. Let me write a poem for you. I can give it life.


don’t spread your wings stay a while don’t fly away i love your smile i’ll writhe and scream if you take that flight if you leave, i won’t write gone you go, but it won’t be long soon i’ll hear your comeback song no matter how far you go, you’ll feel my wrath you plus […]


I’m so glad she’s back. Do yourself a solid and visit Kelley’s blog. This piece is one I believe many people can relate or did relate to at some point. Misery will creep in and overstay and overstep in any way she can, don’t let her rule your life.

The Best of the Best

Remember my “Throwbacks” piece published in The Drabble? Well, lovely people, I found my record player, and I purchased four used records to get my record collection started.

You’ll see before you, Zhané’s Request Line (several versions), Anita Baker’s, Same Ole Love (365 Days A Year), Roberta Flack’s Blue Lights in the Basement, and Commodores’ Midnight Magic, and I’m incredibly happy right now . . . beyond words, happy.

Oh, sweet baby, “I’ll be good to you.”
The setup.
Throwbacks, indeed. All photos by Tremaine L. Loadholt

some throwback music
passing the sweet time tonight
just falling in love

I wish each of you a wondrous Friday night with a fantastic weekend ahead. Peace and blessings, beautiful people.

The Life

Jenee Timid, just lazing about.
And again . . . Must be nice.

When all you have to do is sit around and look pretty, I guess you can afford to laze about all day while others take care of you and everything else. Lol.

Jernee takes FULL advantage of everything given to her and of her current status: Loyal Dog and Emotional Support Pet in Charge. Gotta love her!