It’s Okay to Admit You’re Wrong

A Senryu, 3 Parts

previous testing
done for patient somewhere else
she insists we’re wrong

I search the system
co-worker reviews it too
we find no records

patient dismisses
the mistake’s made on her part
ends the call upset

I will be the first to admit I’m wrong when I am wrong. I cannot tell you the number of patients with whom I speak on a daily basis who are adamant about having their radiological services rendered with us when in actuality, those services have been with another entity. It’s okay to admit you’re wrong, especially if you go to multiple places to have your medical needs met. It’s really okay. My co-worker and I handled the issue accordingly. In the end, the patient was informed of where she had her imaging done based on her description of the location and advised to reach out to them for her medical recordsbut she really just couldn’t believe she was wrong.