charmer (revised)

sweet, bold lips cover me
in the absence of yours.
infidelity . . .
such a strong word
for something as bold yet
as cowardly as cheating.

a charmer would know
how to keep me
not how to lose me.

a charmer would know
why I’ll stay and not
force me to leave.

are you sure
you’re ready to claim
a label you may not
live up to?

Brought Back to Life (Revised)


Photo by Rahul Pandit via Pexels

Sold into flames, fiery pits sing of the determination of willful souls who know only the battles of their homeland.

Dead then alive, then dead again, human resurrection; phoenixes rising up, resisting the shackles weighing them down. We move to get away from ourselves. We seek peace in other lands — eager to take over other worlds. Will our legs carry us to places unknown?
Temptation comes in two forms; young or old. We crave them both. Is this life’s crown? Are we waiting to be brought back to life while we struggle to live? 
Are we?

Revised version originally published in soliloque via Medium.