Writers: A Challenge

Something New “In five words”

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Although I didn’t envision things taking place the way they are currently shaping in my life, I’m moving with the flow. After researching and bonding with my good friend Google, for three weeks, regarding apartments, I’ve found the place in which Jernee and I will spend the next two to three years. The search is over and I am relieved.

Not only will this be our new space, it’s on a totally different side of town but keeps me close to both Highway 421 and I-40 — two major connectors of travel to various places within Winston-Salem, NC, and outside of the city also. I am content. I am relieved. I dislike apartment hunting with a passion.

So, writers . . . what’s new in your world? Aside from the raging virus, I will now call “Headache of a Lifetime”, is anything fun taking place for you? Have you started a new career? Finally, launched your own business? What’s new in your world?!

Please share with us, but use five words only

Here’s mine:

new home found,
finally . . . relieved.

Writers, tell me what’s new in your world, but do so using only five words. You can do this! Bring that creative goodness to the building, people!

Feel good music? Yes, please. Suzanne Vega, Tom’s Diner


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