Apartment Hunting: Searching for a New Home During the Pandemic

My search in and around Winston-Salem, NC led me to these top 3 places.

It is time to look for a new home. After nearly three years of living in my current apartment, yet another increase in rent is forthcoming and I draw the line here. For three consecutive lease renewals, my rent has increased based on the market value, yet my income is moving further away from the fine line of stability and financial comfort. For the first eight months of my stay in my current place, I had a ceiling leak that kept me emailing the property office and continually communicating with maintenance men and contracted roofers who came to “see about the issue” but really did not accomplish completely fixing it until nearly two full years of my being a resident. 

I was offered one month — rent-free — due to any disadvantages and inconveniences I had endured. One month . . . I stayed here because I fell in love with the property, the neighborhood, my neighbors, and the ease of exercising/walking for me and my dog. I truly did not want to move after just two years. 

Circumstances have changed. Prices everywhere are increasing and so will my rent — not to mention the additional pet rent I pay each month as well. I have decided to look for a new place so that I may save money, live comfortably, and not deal with the possibility of yet another ceiling leak. Every time we get a decent thunderstorm, I flinch — eyes directed to the ceiling, and I wait. Thankfully, no new leaks have occurred.

I started my search with Google, continued on for about three days, and finally decided to reach out to the following three properties for possible tours in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Salem Ridge Apartments, Winston-Salem, NC

Located just under two miles away from where I currently live, Salem Ridge has just about everything in which I am interested. Pet friendly? Yes. Dog park and plenty of nearby walking paths? Of course! Plenty of closet space, one and two bedrooms, and recycling on-site? You betcha! I read through at least twenty of the reviews and out of fifty-three total via Google, the majority of them listed are high marks. 

It is my belief that you can never truly know about the place you think will be your potential home until you move in and have lived there a few months. 

The most important factor is it is within my price range and I would still have a two-bedroom but with one bathroom (this is quite all right with me) for well under $1,000.00 per month. 

Salem Ridge Apartments in Winston-Salem, NC offers NEWLY RENOVATED 1 & 2-bedroom apartment homes. Located just 5 miles from downtown and within miles to the area’s most progressive employers & first-rate shopping and dining, you’ll be close to everything you desire.

This is my first choice. Being that I am already familiar with the neighborhood and the overall general area, I would like to land an apartment with this complex. I am going to cross my fingers.

Savannah Place Apartments, Winston-Salem, NC

On the same strip where I currently live is this lovely apartment complex. I see this place every single day as I trek the hill upward and downward for my daily walks or even if I venture out for a drive somewhere. It is a gated community with three-story apartment buildings varying in colors; beige, yellow, and brown. Most of the units and nearly all of the kitchens have been remodeled. The complex is pet-friendly, conveniently located to various shops, eateries, and seconds away from Hwy 421 and I-40. 

It’s also suitably priced, too. They have one and two-bedroom styles of which I am interested, both under $1,000.00 per month. I would like to keep a two-bedroom floorplan but I am willing to budge just a bit if I can get into this place on my projected move-in date which is October 23, 2021.

Savannah Place Apartments in Winston-Salem, NC feature NEWLY RENOVATED 1 & 2-bedroom apartment homes located just 10 minutes from downtown. Our desirable location places you near everywhere you want and need to be, like the area’s most progressive employers, shopping, dining and entertainment.

If at all possible, I would love to stay on the strip where I live but I am open to change. I love walking within this neighborhood and ultimately, I feel safe. People know me, they see me with my dog often and I’ve lived in this area for nearly three years. It’ll feel just a bit off to move out of the neighborhood.

The Residences at Diamond Ridge, Winston-Salem, NC

My final choice — a little over two miles away from me and even closer to Downtown is The Residences at Diamond Ridge. With everything I am looking for on my checklist, this apartment complex is the third choice of my top three. I know a little about the area, but not as much as I do about Salem Ridge. The upside to this place? They have two bedrooms and one bathroom apartments for just under $800.00. I like the sound of this and I am sure my pockets will too.

Live comfortably at The Residences at Diamond Ridge! Enjoy the quality comforts of home while staying connected to all Winston-Salem has to offer!

Located in the Ardmore community, your new home puts you minutes from Downtown Winston-Salem, beautiful parks, Universities and schools, local shops, and restaurants. Our apartment homes are comfortable, cozy, and designed to meet your needs.

This location isn’t too far away from my previous job site and it’s also close to one of my favorite coffee shops. I think it would be nice if I have to make a home here. Although, I’d be happier with one of the two previously mentioned locations. 

I detest apartment hunting about as much as I do job hunting, but there are some things of which I cannot control and price hikes are one of them. One thing’s different this time around — I’m doing so during a global pandemic. 

I hope each tour when I am able to get one, is a successful one. Currently, none of the above places have on-site tours available as there are no units to show. I am going to wait for another two to three weeks and check with them at that time. I do, however, have a tour with The Arcadian Apartments on Saturday, July 31, 2021. It’s further down my list, but the only place available to tour. 

I am a bit excited yet fearful, too. I don’t know anyone who likes moving. I just want to get past every phase of it, get settled, and move closer to being back to saving decent amounts bi-weekly and having a nest egg to hatch if I ever need to. 

I have a feeling that will be necessary for the immediate future.

Originally published on NewsBreak.