Writers: A Challenge

Reminisce (Three Words Only)

My kid brother moved to Seattle, Washington this past May. He is the youngest boy of our mighty seven and one who lived with me for three years and remained in North Carolina for five years after that. To say I miss the kid is a major understatement. I am ten years older than him — he was eight when I left for college and confessed to me when he was about twenty years old that he felt his “mother” was leaving him. I carried that with me for a long while but had to remind him — although I was significantly older, I was not his mother — am not his mother — he has one. We have one.

I thought of our connection this morning and it sparked this challenge. Using three words only, give me a snippet of a memory — any memory that sends you sailing down the nostalgic rabbit hole.

Here’s mine:

estivating — no . . .

He isn’t just visiting somewhere for the summer, he has ventured to make Washington his home — at least for now. I am planning on visiting him sometime next year.

Now, it’s your turn . . . Writers, let’s get creative! Reminisce, but use three words only. Please, bring it!

And yes, a bit of music: They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.) Pete Rock & CL Smooth


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