On: The Lives of African-Americans & People of Color

Photo by Ezekixl Akinnewu via Pexels

You don’t understand the anger b/c you are not the target. Your life isn’t on the line every time you come in contact with those purposed to “protect” & “serve”. Don’t question our anger. It’s warranted & has been bottled up for eons. An explosion of epic proportions is brewing.

Stand with us or sit down.

24 thoughts on “On: The Lives of African-Americans & People of Color

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  • The entire world witnessed this event….Words are not enough. Actions achieve change. Ghandi did it. If white people who claim to be anti racist and are appalled by what black Americans are subjected to they should boycott your country by not visiting or purchasing your products until there is change. As your country ‘s wealth was built on the back of slaves you are entitled to financial reparations. WW 2 victims received it and even Palm Island Australian aborignes ( a small Queensland community) have received 30 million for police brutality and repression.I think black Americans would qualify for refugee status as a persecuted community to apply for immigration to Canada. iF THE ENTIRE BLACK POPULATION APPLIED for immigration to Canada this would not go unnoticed. There is only one way to beat despotic regimes…hit them in the hip pocket. God bless and good luck !

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    • I hate to say this, but this is one event that isn’t isolated in any way. We marched and protested in the 60s and 90s and minuscule changes came our way that caused a semblance a noticeable change for Black people and People of Color. If we are going to be effective, there will always be words because discussions are needed. Letters to senators and petitions and lists of what we want and need are necessary, so words will remain in play. We will have to use everything in our arsenal to create change that is consistent and beneficial.

      And I agree with you, boycotts should happen, reparations should be called into play, but I won’t get my hopes up. I know I live in a country where this will not happen during my lifetime and maybe not during my kid sister’s lifetime, either because systemic racism and faulty government administrations will continue to be alive and well. People’s hearts and minds have to change right along with those empty pockets.

      Peace. Thank you for reading and responding. Take care.


  • I am standing with you.
    We have to do everything we can to provoke change and one of the simplest things we can do is start at home and change the mindset of those around us.
    Stay safe. šŸ’œ

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  • Sadly, there are still many who have to bottle simply because. I could never really understand the “I fear for my life” excuse from those who sworn to serve and protect. Facing danger and putting their lives on the line are literally what they sign up for. Or have I completely misunderstood? *shakes head* Definitely with you, milady!

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