Poetry Over Panic: Online Women’s Writing Group

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โ€œPoetry gives you permission to feel.โ€ โ€“ James Autry

As the world shifts, I am looking for ways to give and create supportive community. With all the emotions swirling, we are faced with finding healthy ways to process them. Poetry provides powerful prompts for reflective writing and group inquiry provides a doorway into our own thinking.

My hope is that, by writing and reflecting together, we can learn from this unusual time, and face it with loving curiosity.

Tickets are available now for my new four session series. This small group will be limited to 6 participants to enable us to dive deeper into writing and sharing with each other.

Poetry Over Panic:

Womenโ€™s Writing Circle (4 week series)

We are stronger when we lean on and learn from one another.

Join me as we continue forward into the unexpected.



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