Sex Ed

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“They gave out condom samplers at school today.” The soiled air of their single-family home embraced Jazmin as soon as she entered the front door. Her Mom was sitting on the couch reading the latest issue of her favorite magazine. She looked up from the article as soon as the door slammed.

“They did what?!”

“Condoms. They gave them out today during my Sex Education class. You know . . . The one you signed the permission slip for me to take?”

“Condoms? What the hell? Why didn’t they ask me if I am okay with you receiving condoms? I don’t recall that being a blip or description of the course on the permission slip.”

“It’s a part of the course, Mom. They showed us a video about sex, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy prevention, and even one on how to put a condom on your male partner.”

Cara began to rise up from the couch, but thought against it and sat back down. She sat there listening to her daughter — this fifteen-year-old communicating to her about sex, condoms, and birth control. She sighed heavily before speaking again.

“Jazzy, I didn’t even think about what could possibly be discussed outside of ‘Do this. Don’t do that. And, make sure you protect yourself’ when I signed that permission slip. I am grateful your school offers this type of education, but you know we can talk about these things too. You know that right?”

Jazmin looked up at her Mom, smiled at her gently, and silently thanked the heavens for a woman so understanding as her.

“I know, Mom. Besides, I have no use for this type of condom — I’m a lesbian. I asked if they had any dental dams or if they intended to show any videos on how to use those and the program organizers dismissed my questions. I’d been meaning to tell you, just hadn’t had the time. Now, seems perfect, though.”

Cara smiled sweetly at her girl. This time, she slowly gathered her slim frame from the couch, walked over to Jazmin, and sheltered her with her arms.

“Oh, Jazzy. I’ve known. I’ve always known. I wanted you to find your way, to share with me whenever you felt you needed to. And now . . . Well, now you have. And just so you know, condoms can be used as dental dams. I will pull up a few YouTube videos for you on how to turn a condom into a dental dam, okay?”

“What?! How?! Mom, why do you know this? I mean, I am glad that you do, but — how?!”

“Watching you grow up has prepared me for impromptu happenings. You have never been any kind of normal society likes to place on children and knowing this, I made certain I would be ready for whoever you are or want to be. When you were about ten years old, I noticed how closely you clung to Amanda, the neighbors’ girl. I still notice. I’m no fool, Jazzy.”

“So . . . you know about us?

“I do.”

“And, you’re okay with it?”

“I am. Why wouldn’t I be?”

Jazmin twiddled her thumbs and wiped a single tear from her eyes. She knew her Mom was great, but now she really knew. The soiled air closed in on the two of them and their hug was the safest place to be at that moment. Then, Jazmin thought about the possibilities of Cara slipping up and outing them in front of Amanda’s parents . . .

“Her parents would die! We can’t tell the Thompsons, Mom. Amanda would kill me and I really, really want her to be my girlfriend for a long time. Forever, even. I kinda love her. No — I love her.”

“Well, I hope you would want to explore other women too, but for now — I understand your heart is where it wants to be. You let me worry about the Thompsons. I’ll talk to those program organizers at your school too.”

The two of them stood in the middle of their living room, embraced in a hug that never had to end, and enjoying every second of it.

Sex education laws vary greatly among the states. Most states have laws that address some form of sexual education in schools, differing between what may or may not be taught and whether a parent may remove their child from certain sexual education programs with which they disagree.

The majority of states allow parents to remove their child or “opt-out” of sexually-related instruction, while other states require affirmative parental consent for a child to take sexual education classes or participate in school-based health clinic services.” — FindLaw’s Team of legal writers and editors

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  • There I was wondering why I hadn’t seen anything from you for a while. Checked and found that I was no longer following you! I have no idea what happened but I’m glad I spotted it and am now back with you. A lovely story. If only all family discussions could be so honest and supportive. xx

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    • Haha. WordPress does that sometimes, kicks people off that you’re following. It’s the most bizarre thing. Welcome back, Peter!

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  • Strong story. made me tear-up a bit. Wouldn’t the world be better for it if all parents were that accepting… that generous with their spirit?

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  • I badly needed a hopeful story today, so thank you! What I would’ve given for parents like Cara… But I feel good that my young cousin turns to me for advice on this matter with her oldest daughter (yay, first out bisexual in the family!) and I can hope that those two will have a lot easier conversations than I ever did.
    Coincidentally, I happened to hear this on To the Best of Our Knowledge today (Dasha Kelly Hamilton and ‘The Joy of Catching Flies’) and I thought of your story and the messages we need to be sending our daughters: I have a feeling you’ll enjoy it!

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    • Thank you kindly for reading and sharing the link too! Ha! I think back to when I came out to my mom as bisexual and she literally said, “Oh, I’ve known. I’ve always known. I actually thought you were gay.” She was overjoyed that I had finally, at that time, let myself be free. I was too, still am.

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