the sky holds your beauty in its eyes

morningsky 1
Morning Sky#1: Photo by Tremaine L. Loadholt

I cup the warmth of you

in my hands–
kiss your eyelids
hold you close to my
breastbone, breathe in
shea butter and honey.

All the while, the sky
wants me to share
your goodness,
to give you over to it–
and at that moment,
I am selfish.

I want to mark you with
my lips, turn you over
to the local authorities,
and imprison you for
fatal attraction.

Buried in your eyes
are my thoughts of a
new day. The gift of connection is
skating on your shoulders.
We inhale a purple sunrise
and the sky . . .

It waits patiently, holding
your beauty in its eyes.
I open mine and can

only see you.

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