Distant Stars

A Love Sonnet

Love and Pain (1895) by Edvard Munch

we are distant stars faded by moonlight
dreamers–lost in a field, nothing to gain.
our souls are broken, there’s only this fright,
a weakness that follows us–endless pain.

my love, we could conquer our enemies
if we only had enough time, but now
we’re faced with incredible tragedies,
we have forgotten our one solemn vow

to love, and yes–love without conditions.
that is what we must do, it’s our calling.
no longer can we trust old traditions,
believing in them will send us falling.

I cannot take another broken heart
distant in the past, this is our new start.

For the next few posts, I’ll be practicing sonnets. It has been an extremely long time since I pulled these babies out. Prayerfully, you’ll go easy on me. This is Love Sonnet #4.

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