a deeper connection

A Love Sonnet

On the Viewing of Flowers and Trees by Hilma Klint –1922

I am not ashamed, no my love, not now.
We’ve built a strong love–forever landmark,
This is our reward, be kind, take a bow.
Be graceful, you can shine here in the dark.

I must denounce this fearless-bravery,
This ill will to continue to go on.
We are free, no longer in slavery,
New feelings are growing, old ones are gone.

A deeper connection, yes, we’ve found it!
We can shout it from the highest mountain,
Shall we bottle this love and keep flames lit?
Or douse burning fires with a fountain?

You make your move, I am always ready.
This love’s a treasure, our placement–steady.

For the next few posts, I’ll be practicing sonnets. It has been an extremely long time since I pulled these babies out. Prayerfully, you’ll go easy on me. This is Love Sonnet #2.

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