Waiting For The Right Moment to Breathe

A Love Sonnet

Gerti Schiele mit Haarmasche by Egon Schiele–1910

My love, forgive me for those stupid words
I should have thought things through, yes, you were right.
My gifts, nestled on flighty wings of birds
Should be penance enough for one less fight.

Though the days grow darker, we have much time
To sift through pictures, through memories of old.
And cherish this love, these feelings sublime,
Welcoming passion–so giddy, so bold.

I beg of you, your hand, place it in mine,
We have dreams to escape and lives to build.
For loving you, I shall never decline,
We’re two within one, a legacy’s guild.

So love, hear me out, please do not deny
I’m waiting to breathe after this last cry.

For the next few posts, I’ll be practicing sonnets. It has been an extremely long time since I pulled these babies out. Prayerfully, you’ll go easy on me. This is Love Sonnet #1.

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