Candle’s flame

Photo Credit: Vladimir Fedotov via Unsplash

An Experiment

she — the candle’s flame
mystic creature on a moonlit river,
burning the midnight oil.

I stand by intrigued — willing
to engage her spirit in
a game of charades.

she dances on clouds,
makes the sun’s arms
embrace its orange sky.

night owl, “sweet child o’ mine,
savior saving the damned.
honeysuckle sanctification.

she’s a moonwalker
strumming craters as her keys,
a pianist composing “your song.”

I hang on her cherried lips,
passionately devoted,
a lover’s ballad is born.

where can I go when she burns hot?
the storm within me raging,
mad like a man without love.

I — on the “other side of the game,
play my cards right.
I hold no hearts, only spades.

joker’s always wild . . .
my soul, a casualty of war,
bows out gracefully — white flag raised.

she is a shark, “poker-face” beauty,
making room for judgment day.
apocalyptic naysayer.

look at her, damsel fighting distress —
turns on every suitor,
willing to admire her.

I won’t catcall,
I won’t ask her to smile,
I won’t lay my problems at her feet . . .

I watch and wait,
this candle’s flame, burning the midnight oil
won’t “burn” me.

*The music referenced in the links are from the following multi-talented artists: Guns N’ Roses, Elton John, Erykah Badu, Lady Gaga, and Usher.

Originally published in P.S. I Love You via Medium. This piece is behind Medium’s paywall and the link shared is a friend link (free to all).

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