White Lightning Love

Or, The Tale of the Untamed

you fly through time parting ways
beneath soiled covers, your lips
the color of chilled steel
puckered up for acceptance
all paths lead to you
a never-ending dream that loops 
on creepy days, fingertips moisten
my rigid limbs — settled like coffee
grounds at the bottom of a mug

I sort the many memories of you
dig through an oasis, walk an
invisible path
you are eons away from my touch
crafty, your way of loving
eluding my embrace
I knew you’d be the near-death of me
but, I held on

how’d you know the moment
to re-enter my life?
I was done believing in you
you cannot be tamed, white lightning, 
bottled up but unable to be shared
we have no extra glasses, no cheers
to a new beginning
my happiness, I thought, 
ended with you

here you are, the ghost that ghosted
me years before disappearing acts
were trendy
oh, you shifty lover
leave me sick in my bones
do not resuscitate

Originally published in P.S. I Love You via Medium.

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