Featured Writer for July

Jose Pita

Jose hails from South Africa and brings to A Cornered Gurl via Medium passionate writing and a love for our craft that is clearly visible. He delivers emotion-filled and heartfelt work that not only connects with the writing community, but makes you think too. I am honored to have him in our midst and to read his work and share it with all of you. The following piece taps into how one can see heaven differently and why. It is entitled “Heaven is a journey, not a destination.”

Heaven is a journey, not a destination

Think of your favorite story, think of the first time you heard that story . . .

Now imagine someone carelessly spoiling the ending before the journey even began. 

Could you continue to read the story with the same enthusiasm if you knew the end?

Does the belief that we are going to ascend to heaven give us an illusion of knowing the end of our story, hampering our ability to live our lives to the fullest? 

Imagine being completely oblivious to the existence of such a place. Imagine having no illusions of your end.

What if our immortality lay only with the stories we leave behind as well as those willing to share them?

Would this paradigm shift force us to live more complete lives?

Live life as a mortal, not as one given a promise of immortality. Each of us has an interesting tale to tell, but it is our responsibility to ensure that we, not fear, continue to be the authors.

Originally published in A Cornered Gurl via Medium.