Golden Years

Jernee and the beginnings of cataracts.

Aging isn’t for the faint of heart. As Jernee gets older, several things are making themselves known and knocking our daily routine out of whack. During our last Vet visit, I was informed that cataracts are forming in Jernee’s eyes. Recently, she has also taken up not eating or refusing to eat what’s placed before her or simply eating once per day. I can handle the change in eating habits, but I just don’t know what she wants.

There’s also the low growling she does when I am preparing her for bed. She’ll enter her crate willingly when signaled, but as soon as I go to lower the cover, she growls. All of these changes are fairly new and I don’t like them at all. I feel like I am losing my sweet girl to age and the golden years and that ornery, off-the-wall behavior is now what I’ll have to face.

The Vet says that when her sight gets worse or if it does, she’ll refer us to an Ophthalmologist who specializes in animal care for a consult. I am not looking forward to that day, but if ever it occurs, I’ll try to be prepared. This is life. This is our reality. We live to age and then we die, if we’re lucky to do it in that order.

I have always looked at The Little Monster as being invincible and each day that she’s living, I am being reminded that she is not. I can handle what is ahead, at least, this is what I am telling myself. The golden years came too fast. I would definitely like a refund with interest included.


I want my puppy girl back–my sweet, little mischievous girl who minds commands, gets in her crate without protest, eats her food without being snooty or refusing her food, and the glorious fact of 20/20 vision to return.

But, we are moving forward, there is no going back. And that, my dear friends, is the scary part.

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  • Sometimes it’s not even age when things like that happen. But as you wisely say, if we are lucky enough to do it in that order. I suppose your wisdom is the key, to appreciate that she did have it in that order and wasn’t taken prematurely. But that’s little consolation when you think of a life without her. At the same time you appreciated her puppy-hood and maybe her being older isn’t as much fun, and that’s a hard thing to experience when you love someone. I hope somehow she will live as long as she can as healthy as she can, I guess that is all we can ever wish for. I know she has had a wonderful life with YOU and the love you have bestowed upon her has given her a joy she would otherwise never have experienced. For that I am grateful as she is, because she has brought you joy and you have been the sunlight in her life. I wish you love, knowing you are love.

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  • Lost my fur baby a few years ago – so so hard.
    I wonder if the growling is due to feeling threatened because of her feeling eyesight – she may be not seeing what you’re doing clearly or (if there are block spots in her vision) it may appear as if suddenly something is going over her head. Sorry for the unwanted advice! My daughter is doing vet nurse training, she could ask her lecturers about anything that’s concerning you if you would like πŸ’•

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    • Thank you, Lowen. I think I just have to be a bit more vocal with her Vet. It’s like every time they tell me something about her that’s changing due to age, I kind of shut down, you know?

      *sighs* I should face it all, but… is hard to.


  • Poor Jernee and poor you for what you both are going through. That’s, unfortunately, part of being a pet parent, and I don’t envy you this part of the journey. Maybe you could ask the vet about some acceptable addition to her food (like a cooked egg or some cooked diced chicken) that you could add a small bit to her food so she would eat it. As far as the kennel, must it be covered? Just curious because my girls willingly go in their kennels and we have never covered them. I will pray for you both for peace and comfort. πŸ™‚

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    • Oh, the crate, it’s her little door to close it. I do have a cover too, but as soon as I go to close her up, she growls. I’ll try without pulling the cover down and see how she does. This morning, she ate her food without the wet food added, just dry.

      I am going to try things and just see what works for her. Thank you, Kim. 😊

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  • I am sure she is as confused and as scared (in her own way) about aging as any of us are as we enter the golden years. This is a touching piece that resonates as I’ve already witnessed the aging and passing of three dogs.

    I think your Jernee is in great hands.

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    • Thank you. I’ve only had one other dog very close to me, Reese (my best friend’s oldest dog) die and that was WAY too much to handle. I still grieve for him. Nala, my best friend’s other dog, she and Jernee are close, just as Reese and Jernee was, but… it’s not the same, not having all three of them around.

      Thank you for reading.

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      • You are welcome. We become so attached to our dogs because they need us as long as they are around. For some of us, they are our solace and closest companions. I understand the grief. When my last dog had to be euthanized, I left the vet and sat in my car in the parking lot and cried for an hour before I was able to drive. That was three years ago and I still ache from the loss.

        Dogs have such wonderful personalities and when you are used to having them in a group, and then lose them, there really is no way to replace them.

        I wish Jernee well as she continues to age.

        You’re most welcome.

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      • You’re welcome and thank you. Yes, I have hundreds of photos, videos and memories to remind me just how blessed I was to have had them in my life.

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  • Ohhh, its so hard to watch our beloved critters age, and notice the things that are different. I have gone through that many times. I know Jernee feels love and protection from you every day from the things that are changing for her. ❀️

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