The Journey Back To Wellness

Devil’s Creek and my shadow, Bakersville, NC|Photo Credit: Tremaine L. Loadholt

Part II: Getting Personal|Lune, 10 Parts

so close to one month
we’ve shared me
now, she’s sharing her.

simple, welcoming
divine words
calm this fragile soul.

we discuss a plan
towards peace
what will help shape me?

Devil’s creek becomes
a safe place —
a sweet memory.

I pull from it love
that I need
when days are so hard.

“give yourself new things,
yourself in new ways.”

went to the mountains,
breathed fresh air,
found a sense of home

and left the pieces
of my world
that’d been crushing me.

she says, “you’re solid,
a still rock,
but it’s time to move.”

I hear her, I do.
but instinct
has its claws in me.

*My therapist is teaching me how to better listen to my surroundings, especially in places of peace. I have taken a ton of pictures of late and with each passing day, in those photos, and around me, I am pulling out what I need and leaving what I do not. I still have a long road ahead of me, though.

Thank you for reading.

Part I

The Journey Back To Mental Wellness: My First Therapy Session

Originally published in A Cornered Gurl via Medium.

17 thoughts on “The Journey Back To Wellness

  • Oh Im sorry I missed the first post (and the comments are closed on it) but I will comment for both here – what a lovely experience for you in your first session! Being in NZ we have quite a different process for accessing services, so that was interesting to me too. I loved my first therapist (but then she went and had a baby and never came back, how dare she, lol!) and I didn’t realise how lucky I had been until, like others commenting here, it took me several therapists to find another one I liked. So, definitely make the most of it. I always think that if the therapy is working it may hurt a little and be very challenging, but so worth it xx

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    • Oh, I am learning some things that are hitting me, but I know that’s not even the half of it. I am trying to prepare myself for what’s ahead. Thank you, Lowen.

      Yes, I have the comments set to close after fifteen days. I appreciate you stopping by. 😊

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  • I’m sorry I missed the first session. Been offline mostly the last while (no apology, no explanation, no guilt, no nothing!). My first therapist was a hit first time as well. Glad you found someone you could work with. It can be a journey finding the right person. Glad you’re spared that process.

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  • I live at, what I call the doorstep of nature. A step out my door, cross the garden, the dirt road running in front of the six houses this side of the gorge and there we are. A swathe of nature untouched by human hand. There’s been a fight lately to keep it that way – i.e. not let tourists in – and it’s worth it. Nature does heal. Nothing like it. I find I forget myself (bliss!) and other people (even more bliss) the minute I leave anything man-made. And yes, it still is very much a man-made situation we live. As women it is hard to belong. I don’t really like calling it ‘Mother’ Nature – nothing grows without both sexes. It’s the untouched-ness I appreciate. Something one doesn’t have to dress up for, play a role for, somewhere to just be, unjudged.

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    • Yes!!! There was a peace that I just could not describe. It was beautifully quiet and the weather was cooperative. Everything around me had a semblance of beauty that commanded my attention.

      I concur.

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