Please, Don’t Shove Your Hatred Into God’s Mouth


I have this tattooed on my arm to remind me that I am here to love all people no matter what. That is my goal. That is what God wants from me, of me. This is what God wants from all of us–for us to love one another. PERIOD.

It pains me that I am here before you now, sharing yet another piece by a great, solid, empowering Writer by the name of James Finn via Medium. Not only is this wonderful man an advocate for the LGBTQ community, but he also lives and breathes the work that he shares–this is his life. It has become mine too. What I am going to share with you is appalling, graphic in nature, and displays that this world is still hellbent on hate yet calling it God’s love. How? How can one fix one’s mouth and refer to any acts of hate, fear-mongering, and total disdain for the differences in others God’s love?

I will remind you, it is not.

His post, Conversations with a Homophobe is catching fire via Medium (as it should), and it details his conversation with a follower on Twitter who is Catholic and from what I can ascertain, firmly believes that heinous acts against those of the LGBTQ community are well-warranted and righteous performances of what God expects. According to him, we are to be weeded from the garden, cast out, dwindled down in lesser numbers, and all with God’s approval from the Catholic church. I will be the first to tell you of my upbringing– a Southern (based on region) Baptist from a family that was and is devout in Christianity. For thirty years, I trapped myself, kept myself in the closet, knowing full well of who I was well before I knew the term, the label, the explanation of how God crafted me to be. Yes, GOD made me, so he knew who I was before I became this flower of a person, this person who I love so much more now knowing that I am finally free in my own skin.

Being gay, a lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, queer, etc is STILL BEING HUMAN. Where is humanity? Reading Jim’s article, it goes on to explain the reason for his post on Twitter was to bring attention to that of a young man who had been hacked, sliced & diced with  machetes because he is gay and followers of the Roman Catholicism branch of faith took it upon themselves to make an example of this young man. He will probably die.

The young man was attacked because people found out he’s gay. He says they screamed at him about God and sin as they butchered him. They’re all faithful Catholics. They believe what their Church teaches about gay men being evil and depraved. They acted on that belief.”

From the Catholic Catechism:

“Homosexual persons are called to chastity. By the virtues of self-mastery, they can and should gradually and resolutely approach Christian perfection.”

Hmm. “Christian perfection.” No one is perfect, but God. We will always be flawed, and if we attempt any such advancements toward perfectionism, something we cannot obtain, we will be further reminded of our humanness–of our flaws. I love my faith. I love being a follower of Christ. I love God. What I do not stand for, what I do not love, is hatred toward any human being made by the hands of God. I do not care about the source, the whys, the hows, the whats–I do not stand for it. If you are a child of God, if you call yourself a follower of Christ, in any branch of the religious world, you are to love others as you love yourself and you are to do so according to the word of God.


Please… Please stop shoving your hatred into God’s mouth. He doesn’t speak hate. He never has. He never will. Jim has asked that his article Conversations with a Homophobe be shared to all social media outlets. Facebook has deleted his posts. Twitter has done the same. Why? Because he is speaking against a major religious figurehead and for some reason, around the globe, but especially in the US, we are not to point fingers at those who believe they are on some sort of pious pedestal. I don’t mind pointing fingers, especially if you are wrong. Especially if it hurts people. And most especially, if it kills them. I am not on Facebook. I do not have Twitter. Soon, I will no longer have Instagram. Social media is not my bag.

But, I have a voice, so I am sharing this here.

Conversations with a Homophobe

I am blessed that I have a mother who was fighting for me without my knowledge when family members were sharing their thoughts of who I was or who they thought I was going to be. I am blessed to have a mother who still fights for me. Brothers who have all stated that they are waiting for anyone to fix their mouths and say something against me that is not of their approval. Friends who still stand by my side. Coming out a few months ago was hard to do, but I am more than happy that I did it. As a reminder, you can be religious, faithful, and devout–you can be all of this and not spout hate to those who are in some way, different than you. God is love. Anything else is not of God.

“Love one another.”

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  • I hadn’t heard of this yet, but I’ve been off social media this weekend and lessening my time on it the last week due to the holidays and having family in town. I am sickened and heartbroken to read this. I have no words on top of what you said, Tre. We should spread the LOVE and not hate. I am not ignorant to plights of this magnitude; but I always hope and pray each day, each year gets better. I stand up when I hear anything slightly as homophobia (or racism or any type of exclusion)… still, my heart hurts very much. Why must it be so difficult for some people to comprehend compassion? Thank you for sharing this. Peace be, my friend.

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    • I did the same over the Christmas holidays–logged off for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I will not be on after tomorrow afternoon until January 2, 2019. We just need mental breaks sometimes and it’s good to take them.

      I cannot even put into words what this kind of hate does. It’s saddening and maddening, and all things unusual to me. I appreciate you reading and commenting too, Kelsey. Peace.

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  • “Organized” religion pisses me off beyond words, God is in my heart and he speaks through my with my gifts and after going through a “bite my tongue” moment a few days ago with a “Catholic” in which the subject of homosexuality came up, piously spouted about “sin” and some insinuations….I chose not to speak up for lest starting a family war (not my side of the fam, mind you) and I went to sleep so angry at myself for not standing up about it, but realizing the shallowness of the person, knew that it would have been like water off a ducks back and some people you can never change….I am in a loving place with friends of all orientations and am proud to be able to love unconditionally. We are God, we are made in his image….I just think in some cases….something must have gone terribly wrong with the way people were brought up, what they were told to believe….they don’t read the book I was raised on, or at least my interpretation is what God IS about. Love is All, and God is Love….anything else is a lie. Sorry to add to your vent, hope this makes some sort of sense. Love ❤

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    • No worries. No need to be sorry. I can’t be silent, regardless of who it is. People have to know how they hurt others.

      Thank you for responding. I can open the link on my end, I’ll tweak it and see if that helps.

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