No Little Sister, No Baby Girl…

Monterey and I at the shelter, connecting.
Monterey and I at the shelter, connecting. Again.

We had a home visit last night with this beautiful little one that you see me holding. Needless to say, my senior little one Jernee is NOT having it! The Foster Mom/Shelter Rep and I both agreed that she’d be better off in another home. I am happy to have gotten a chance to cuddle with this baby and connect with her on a small scale. 

It’s my old lady Jernee and I until it’s not. *Just look at her eyes!* But my heart is loyal to Jernee, she calls the shots. I just wish she’d be open to letting me love another little one as much as I love her. She’ll be eleven soon and her overprotective/possessive/jealous ways set the tone for our home. I have learned that Jernee will not make it a welcome space for a puppy and that hurts, but that’s life. 

Jernee, shortly after the home visit. When I look at those eyes, I cannot do anything else but love her.