He will remember this day. The two of them wrapped in each other’s grasp, sipping the night air. The scent of her hair is luring. A moment of love. It’s what he always wanted from her. It’s what he always needed.

sparkle in her eyes
captures the blue of his orbs
makes him dream of love

She turns in his arms, buries her nose into his chest, and whimpers. The night will end with no confessions. He’s had his fill. she’s full of him.

they’re lost in the night
drinking each other’s sweet wine
filling up on love

His body knows hers. Every curve. Every mole. Every mark from life that she’s encountered. It is his playing field. On her mound, he never strikes out. She desires only him, seeks everything that he offers, and turns it into gold. He is her rainbow, an ever-growing treasure.

nighttime ends with sighs
two lovers wrapped in essence
willful in their ways

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