Firecrackers For No One

the kids are playing in
man-made saltwater, shouting
at the top of their lungs
one gasps and yells in a voice
almost like yours

I stop what I am doing
to listen to your imposter
begging the other children to
follow her lead
she has cotton for an explanation
packed in her gums
she’s muffled now
I no longer hear you

I wonder if you’re grilling
if you’ve pulled out charcoal
fired up your favorite heavy duty
Bull Bison
and mixed in some memories of
us along with a few stubborn

I miss talking to you
miss wondering what the day
gifted at its end
if you succeeded or failed
in court
I never understood a judge
or jury that decided against you

didn’t they know you
had the best arguments?
like firecrackers on the
Fourth of July
popping for no one in particular

begging the world to take
their side
just like that little girl
with your voice in man-made saltwater
urging a crowd of her peers
to follow her nowhere