Abundant beauty

The rain bears its harsh breath
Down on my weary knees
I cramp at the sound of your name
The pain seeps in, creeps like a villain
An opponent with too much to lose
And I search for a clear path
Away from your reflection

I wanted a moment to love you
A lifetime to get it right without
Being your everlasting enemy
But you bit into my hopes
Ripped the core from my growing
Mountain of wishes
And saddled me with unanswered questions

The sting of you tears at my brain
Reeking like burned popcorn
Stinking up my home
No matter what I do
You linger
Breaking every precious second
Stealing every ounce of joy

My demise, predestined, you are
The weaver of disgrace
And I am blunted in new form
Fearful of your next blow