Forgetting You

Sun Kissing Moon with Stars

Inked my skin today
For the third time
Thought about what
You would say–
Sun kissing moon
Stars as voyeurs
Who else would join
In on the fun
We are not having?

Pressure An Audio Poem

I believe that if we listen closely, we can hear God speaking. I find him mostly in the clouds. He hears what I have to say.

Pressure An Audio Poem

It is the pressing pulse
of a whisper that
knows no birth

the guise, cloaked in
nightlife, tucked in lies,
a play on little more than less
of what you had yesterday and
more than less of what you need
for tomorrow

your new adventure,
categorized in “Lifestyles”
only to be forgotten
next year

pressure–the underdog
and overweight extension
of a life you wish you
had, but know you
will never get