Lisa, the woman with a mind that moves mountains conjured up this great work of fiction. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Please visit her blog and enjoy the ride.

Lisa Lancaster

This small piece is a little different from what I usually write. Hope you enjoy it.

‘You have an incoming communication’ his phone rasped for the third time in an hour. If only he could reach it, his fingers strained to grip the phone, but the bindings only let him move so far. The cloth cut into his wrists as he stretched his body over to the bed side table. The grotty mattress beneath him squeaked as he strained.

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Fairy Tale Me

Courtesy of Quotes Gram


Mad Hattered me,

split me in two,
and poured tea
down my spine —

we are still looking
for sugar in the most
unsweet places,


on attendees that never
show up on time.

Alice me, instead.
That’ll be better.

I won’t complain.

Published on August 30, 2016, via Medium.