Abundant beauty

The rain bears its harsh breath
Down on my weary knees
I cramp at the sound of your name
The pain seeps in, creeps like a villain
An opponent with too much to lose
And I search for a clear path
Away from your reflection

I wanted a moment to love you
A lifetime to get it right without
Being your everlasting enemy
But you bit into my hopes
Ripped the core from my growing
Mountain of wishes
And saddled me with unanswered questions

The sting of you tears at my brain
Reeking like burned popcorn
Stinking up my home
No matter what I do
You linger
Breaking every precious second
Stealing every ounce of joy

My demise, predestined, you are
The weaver of disgrace
And I am blunted in new form
Fearful of your next blow

A Gift

Sneeze inducer. Haha.

Exhausted each day
After education of a
Different kind
Learning the ropes while
Pulling them close to me
I am breaking into a
New life, Circe on a deserted island

And determined
This gift of newness
Sprinkles itself all over
A seeking body–vengeful by default
Freeing me of worry
And despair, turning me loose into the wild

Fallen leaves

Some poems require nothing else but you to read them and allow them to sink in. This is one of those poems.


Your suitcase is by the door in my mind

you have unpacked and packed a thousand times

it’s now or never, it’s been too long

you’re out of here, you’re out of love

empty like a meal without nourishment

and if I could, I’d ask you to come back

but you left before today

I see it in the careless gaze of your eyes

the house is empty without your noise

I hear only the echo of regrets

ask you to return and you ignore my voice

the coldness in your stare gave you away

there was nothing but bitterness and anger remaining

you said it wasn’t me, but I was the one you cut down

with your stare that went on, out of sight

down the road, out of town

like you were already running away

boarding a bus, changing your story

it’s been half my life and it’s…

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Double Trouble

Nala, my best friend’s dog is visiting. I usually have her during the months of June and July. She’s here for a week and Jernee is happy to have company while I’m happy for another protector. 💙

Paws following me
My shadows
Protectors of O  n  e

Meek and timid
Mild and modest
The depths of my soul stir
At their whim

I am comforted by ample kisses
Wet enough to c  l  e  a  n my fears
Double trouble for a week

A happy place to be

Solemn Solstice

The homie Barry, doing what he does best. This poem was one of the first I read this morning and I am glad that it was. Please show him some love.

Peace and blessings, beautiful people.

Hephaestus’ Waste & Cosmic Rubble

anish-nair-377946-unsplash Photo by Anish Nair on Unsplash

Solemn Solstice

The sun lingers longest today.

The weather-guessers were wrong
about the heat wave.

In fact, there was light precipitation.

I don’t even know why I wrote
“precipitation” instead of “rain”.

I’m no meteorologist.

I guess the unscheduled rainfall
wasn’t up to my lofty standards.

It was a halfhearted rainfall,
followed by an indifferent sunbreak.

Felt more like angel’s spit
than the weeping we’ve earned
for this crapsack existence.

My hemisphere turned
fully into the true glare
of sunlight, and everywhere I turn,
I glare at two shadows
of the Four Noble Truths.

I see only suffering and
man’s indifference to it.

I see children crying in pain,
fear, hunger, and terror;
if they’re lucky, they’ll just receive
the mercy of ignorance
in the form of being ignored,
or perhaps they’ll only languish
as the butt of cruel jokes
they’re mostly ignorant to.

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