A Love Poem To No One

Photo Credit: Tremaine L. Loadholt

I want you to know
that life is hardest without
the pressing of your palms
on my chest, feeling my love
for you scaling up and down.

From afar, I dream of you.
your piercing green eyes
meet my browns and flaunt
their irises in my direction.
I fall.
It was inevitable.
The pain of touching a ghost
enters my thoughts
I know you won’t be dreaming
of me tonight.

I wish you were.
But you will tell me
that I am just the woman
you need, black enough to
be taboo
bold enough to show
you new things.
In your world, I am
a wizard.
Oz’s teacher.
You’re a student, his peer.

If you’re wondering how long
I’ve loved the idea of
loving you,
think of the beginning
of time, multiply it by
Eve, add Job, then
divide it all by Esther, and you
have millennia times infinity.

Be my sunrise.
Make my sun set.
Sun with me forever.