The Gift of Humanity


Courtesy of Jon/Flickr

I see them
He has his four-legged buddy
Pulled close to his chest
The two of them

And the tears well up
Inside me
I break a 20-dollar-bill
When I purchase my coffee
And give him what I can

The dog–
A wagging tail,
Happy to see someone stop
And pay him a decent amount
Of attention
The young man–
Young, but old, tired–

The pants of our
Nation, yet he isn’t
Fighting anymore.

I hide my tears when talking
To him. I save them for later.
I pull off,
Knowing that tomorrow
I’ll probably stop by
Just because
I can.

It’s my gift to him
For being a brother
Struggling alongside
His best friend who wouldn’t
Stray away if someone
Wanted nothing more than to
Scoop him up and shower him with

He is his own version of
Humanity, sitting
To change.

Author’s Note: Just as I was pulling into Starbucks, I glanced across the street to the McDonald’s parking lot and just behind all of the commotion, tucked in neatly by the trees was a young man, his belongings, and his dog. I don’t handle seeing anyone less fortunate than myself well at all. I tear up, I get extremely sad and I want very much to help everyone, it’s one of the reasons why I volunteer at one of the local homeless shelters here in my area. It’s one of the reasons why I do what I can when I am out and about and someone needs, truly needs help. His dog, a pit-bull mix, friendly pup, jumped up to my car window as I talked to the young man. He had on army-wear with a matching cap, and a jacket. I tried my best not to cry in front of him and as soon as I pulled off, I let the tears flow. I have been shaking them off since I got back home and I just give up. I am a bumbling, fumbling mess now. But, my presence, my gift to him, our short conversation, was a blessing to not only him, but to me as well. I don’t care what you do today, take a moment to be thankful for what you have. Then take ten more to be thankful for everything you know you’ve ever been blessed with when you needed it most.

Peace and blessings.