Haunted Radio

Courtesy of Tamim Arafat/Unsplash

Jenna brushed the years of dust from the radio, opened the tape deck, and blew it clean.

“This is gonna be awesome! Nana will love this! She’ll finally be able to play her old cassette tapes from the 80’s. I’ve been looking all over for something like this”!

She slipped a sample tape into the deck and tested each button to see if they worked. The radio hummed slowly. A grunting sound emerged from the speakers. A drone like voice began wailing into her ears. Slowly, she turned up the volume as she sat closer to the radio, examining its design. A furry growth stuck out of the antenna.

“Hey! What’s this?!”

Jenna shouted to the air around her. No one answered. The wailing voice from the cassette tape grew louder and louder. She steadied her legs, pressing her hands on each to keep them from shaking, then she reached for the antenna again.

“This wasn’t here before. I bet that guy at the shop tricked me. This is a worthless piece of junk”!

Jenna leaned in to pull the radio in her grasp to discard it and a creature oozed out of the antenna. He grew tall as the building, overshadowing every outline of the city block. It said only four words.

“Give me your heart”.

Jenna paused. Her mouth flew open, her toes tapped the floor, and her eyes began to water.

“Give me your heart”.

The creature shifted, changing colors as it sputtered demands. It made one last request for what it sought and just before it could utter another word, Jenna ripped open her chest, dug into her body, and pulled out her beating heart. The creature smiled and pressed the stop button on the radio.

Jenna’s body flopped to the ground, convulsed, then expired. Breathing in satisfaction, the creature yanked the heart from Jenna’s hand and bit into it. Savoring the taste of the bloody feast, the creature yearned to answer the only question haunting its mind…

“Now, who’s next?”