Courtesy of Pinterest

I am broken without you
shards of glass shifting down the tracks–
you cover me with your warmth,
breaths that I inhale, savoring each one.

I see you in glimpses of light,
waving on the windowsill,
I crave your touch.
It is a blessing to watch you sleep,
smile at you when you wake–
a gift unwrapped with caution.

You are still fragile with me.
Every curve of your body
settles into my embrace,
I will not break you.
I say this as I feel the beats of
your heart sync in time with mine.

You are safe in my care.

Forever is not enough time
with you.
I want ten thousand forevers
and twenty more after.

And even then,
That wouldn’t be enough.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. ©Lao Tzu