Visual Verse: February Prompt

This past month, Visual Verse was overrun with entries for the prompt. The artwork is a great selection and I loved writing something for it. I chose Haiku as the form and went with 4 parts for my entry which was recently published on Wednesday, February 28, 2018. I will share two parts here with you and then direct you to the poem in its entirety via the anthology’s website. I am going to get a bit of a headstart on March’s prompt if I can. The image used looks as if it’ll be interesting in which to draw inspiration. For now, here’s February’s submission.

Scent of Purple: Haiku, 4 Parts

Wintry mix of life
In purple hue, treading ground
Last minute errands.

In the dead of night,
She fumbles through the thick snow
Her hat, a safe space.

As always, thank you so much for reading. You can find the rest of the poem via Visual Verse’s website, here. Peace and blessings.

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